The Family Feřt, Fert, Feřtová, Fertova; Feřtova, Fertova

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Cause of name

Surname Feřt has been originated from the german word Forst (=wood, forest) or from the word fořt (=wood keeper).

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The lettering Other possible names
Rodina Feřtova
Fertova, Fert, Feřt, Feřtová 
Rodina Čechova
Rodina Kaderkova
Rodina Feřtova
Rodina Vraných
Václav Feřtr, *12.2.1943 - †12.2.1996
Cechova, Fertova, Morstajnova, Morštajnova, Vranych, Vaclav, Waclaw, Wáclaw, Wacslaw, Wácslaw, Wenzel, Wenzl, Cech, Čech, Čechová, Fert, Fertr, Fertrova, Feřt, Feřtová, Feřtrová, Kaderka, Kaderková, Morstajn, Morstein, Morsteinová, Morštajn, Morštajnová, Vrana, Vraná, Vrany, Vraný 


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